This blog reflects (largely) my opinions and/or personal convictions. In the tradition of Gaudiya Vaishnava theology, in the context of ISKCON doctrine, and in light of what “Prabhupada said,” those opinions may be indefensible. They remain my opinions nonetheless.

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  1. Dear Editor:

    I read your article “Another Pinch of Snuff” and Damodar’s response with much interest some time ago. I am not a Prabhupada apologist and am not taking sides. The “high blood pressure” excuse bothered me so I felt compelled to spend some time in research looking only at legitimate websites such as WebMD and Mayo Clinic as well as some university EDU sites and would like to share my findings.

    It is well documented that ACBS suffered from diabetes. It appears that diabetics can suffer from low blood sugar if they do not eat correctly or exercise enough. One of the symptoms of low blood sugar is dizziness.

    It also appears that nicotine raises the blood sugar. So, while I cannot know for certain what was actually going on, there is a chance that the use of snuff could alleviate the dizziness, which was attributed to high blood pressure, but was actually caused by low blood sugar.

    Of course, that leaves the question on how ACBS knew that snuff could treat the symptoms of dizziness. Perhaps in his experience as a chemical salesman he learned about this. Or perhaps he just liked snuff. Who can say?

    Anyway, even though I do not agree with you 100%, I do enjoy your articles. I appreciate you tone of civility and encourage you to keep posting. I started reading ACBS books 43 years ago and you have helped me filter out the chaff.



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