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#YesAllWomen, ISKCON Edition

The hashtag #YesAllWomen is currently trending on twitter, in response it seems to the most recent mass shooting in the US. The shooter left behind a manifesto and several YouTube videos to make it clear that his killing spree was inspired by his hatred for women. If you’re a man who has yet to accept the radical notion that women are people, try reading some of these tweets and see what sort of world we are creating for our wives, mothers, daughters, and female friends. For men in ISKCON (and women in ISKCON still struggling to accept the “spiritual wisdom” that they are “less intelligent” than their male counterparts), I’ve written some of my own ISKCON-centric tweets in this vein. Re-tweet them if you like, or add your own.

#YesAllWomen #ISKCON Because you can’t tell a woman “you’re not that body” and then make her stand at the back of the temple.

#YesAllWomen #ISKCON Because “protection” doesn’t mean teaching your daughter that she has to cover her head.

#YesAllWomen #ISKCON The “law books for the next 10,000 years” shouldn’t contain the words “a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape.”

#YesAllWomen #ISKCON Because a pure devotee doesn’t hold a press conference to say that women’s brains are anatomically inferior to men’s. (Chicago; 7/9/75)

#YesAllWomen #ISKCON Because “mataji” is not a magic word that excuses your participation in a culture that subjugates and demonizes women.